1. Curtains custom, the best value for money

Curtains sewn custom are more expensive, because they require special preparation, and each curtain is sewn with great precision and care. How can one make to order, the quantity of material used is also different. When purchasing a certain amount of material in a number of products in various sizes, has the smaller amount of material compared to the curtain, which are sewn to measure. But what you get in return is a finished product that will last for years because it is professionally designed.

2 Unique sewing strips

Dvofalta, trofalta, falta with ring these are just some of the choices among the countless ways of sewing strips that are available when you sew custom curtains. Well designed bar can make a big difference in the interior design, because it shows the effort that went into designing the overall decor.

3. Personalize your interior

Are you more of a modern or traditional type, or a mixture thereof? The key traditional style interior is intricate. Elements include the weight of the fabric, which can be elegant fall, strip the pleats, and classic, yet unique fabric designs such as floral and damask. Curtains custom offer you the freedom to select a fabric pattern that is hard to find in stores readymade. On the other hand, in the modern interior styles, the focus is mainly on simplicity and minimalism. This does not mean that all the fabric flat and neutral, because in the modern interior style often play with lively patterns and textures, setting the contrast with other home additions. Less is more (except maximized styles such as the botanical and boho) in modern interior. The essence of this style can be found in simple silhouettes, balanced color palette and focus on quality before quantity. Custom Curtains provide an opportunity to make their own choice of materials to ensure the quality you need as well as to choose the best setting for your needs.

4. Functionality

Are you looking for the curtain that can block unwanted light, or looking for the curtain that can maintain your home warm in winter and cool in the summer? These curtains are distinguished by the fullness of material and density weaving and allow you to control the penetration of light into the room. Although it can be found in stores that sell finished products, it is not always possible to find a suitable style combined with lining that you need. Sewing curtains custom gives you the opportunity to choose any fabric, regardless of the setting.

5. Accessories

If you need additional decorations such as decorative hats, balloons or other unique details, these supplements are best complemented with curtains that are sewn custom, because the final look largely depends on the overall fit of the detail of material.