How to prepare your home for the warmer days with the help of curtains and drapes

As the days get longer and temperatures rise, it’s time to wake up and refresh the interior of your home! Whether you are buying a ready-made curtains and drapes, or create them custom decorating windows can bring a big change in your home. Read our suggestions below on how to equip your home for the warmer days to come.

Maintain a comfortable temperature with the help of black-out material

Setup is discrete and usually in white, creamy or black. Thickness of the law acts as a protection while preserving the vibrancy of colors and quality fabrics. It can create a fuller look that enhances the look of curtains and draperies, with an added sense of sophistication with a fine finish.

Light the room with light tones

Various shades such as pastels and neutrals are a great addition to any interior, as it can easily fit into a different color palette and textures. At the end of 2017 pimetili we increase product demand in darker colors. As we approach the warmer months, our customers choose lighter shades and subtle colors. These are our favorites:

Another quick and easy way to refresh the interior through the introduction of color patterned curtains.

Curtains and blinds, full color can hardly be ignored because of the size of the area to cover, so they often excessively expressed. Unless there is a specific theme in the room details that are precisely designed, this decor can detract from everything else.

The presence of colored patterns in combination with neutral colors is a great way to add vibrancy of the interior and can be beautifully paired with other details in the room.

Thin curtains

Thin curtains leaking sunlight, or provide some privacy and are a perfect choice for windows and make a wonderful choice during the warmer months. If you think that the blackout curtains too tough, lightweight materials are essential to maintain the trend of minimalist style in the interior. Patterned blackout curtains in combination with light curtains are our favorite combination. Blackout for complete privacy with thin voile curtain to maintain the brightness of the day.